Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rapunzel Tower Cake

First of all, sorry for all the pictures.  I just loved how this cake turned out and I could not help myself.  This is our daughter's 4th birthday cake.  Her and I have been talking about it for almost a year.  Not sure who was looking forward to it more, her or I!  This is the first time I ever had a support system like this built.  Thankful for my hubby who built it for me.  This is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and diced fresh strawberries and a whipped chocolate ganache frosting, covered in marshmallow fondant.  Only the base of the structure is cake.  The tower itself is all rice krispie treats covered in royal icing and marshmallow fondant.  Flynn Ryder is fake.  Because I spent so much time on the cake, I decided to actually put a plastic toy on a cake.  Something I NEVER DO . . . but my daughter got to keep it and now she can have Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder kiss all she wants ;-)