Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Cakes in One Day

Both these cakes were for the same day. I stayed up till 5:30 a.m. working on these cakes, but I think they look more polished as I had no distractions from my children. I look at these and think, did I really make those?

Two Tier Girl Polka Dot Birthday Cake

A two-tier cake set the match the 1st birthday girl's dress. Bottom layer is dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting. Top is vanilla cake. Polka dots and bow are fondant. I love the colors of the cake. It is so pretty and fun girly.

Lightning Mcqueen Cake

This cake is for a two-year old boy's birthday. It's a vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling, buttercream frosting and marshmallow fodant. I carved this one by hand. Scott told me he thinks this is my best cake yet. I really do like it. Stayed up into the wee hours of the night working on this one and and the girl polka dot cake.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Basket Weave Cake

A basket weave cake with roses and daisies that I did in my final cake class. It's a lemon cake with blackberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Given to my husband as a congrats to his new job with the railroad.

Pink & Green Flower Cake

A MOPS giveaway cake. A strawberry cake with strawberry preserve filling and vanilla buttercream frosting covered in marshmallow fondant. If you look closely you will see flower impressions in the fondant, thanks to my dear friend Maria who got me these really cool transfer impression sheets. Can't wait to do more!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to My Cake Blog

Because my little cake hobby is turning into a part-time job, I've decided to make a blog with my cakes for all to see. Enjoy looking at them. They are in no particular order, so you can't tell the progression of my cakes over the past year. I'm using this as a way for people to see my cakes without having to sign up on facebook or myspace. May you be inspired to make your own cakes and if not, give me a call or drop me an email. I'd be more than happy to do one for you :-)

Giant Polka-Dot & Stripes Cupcake

For a girl's first birthday party. Cupcake themed. I imitated the party stuff and did much better on this one that with my daughter's cupcake. This is how it should have looked. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and buttercream fondant. Super cute cake!

Red & White Snowflake Giant Cupcake

MOPS giveaway cake. A giant vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and white chocolate snowflake accents.

Apple Teacher Cake

A cake order for a child's teacher. A dark chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling and white chocolate frosting. I copied the apples off of a plate on my wall in my kitchen.

Thanksgiving Cake

MOPS giveaway cake. This is a chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling and chocolate buttercream fondant. Fruits and veggies are made by hand in fondant.

Indiana Jones Hat & Whip Cake

A Birthday Cake for a die hard Indiana Jones fan, an elementary aged boy. This cake was a lot of fun. Cake is chocolate with vanilla cream filling and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate frosting. Hat rim is chocolate fondant, as well as whip. It is a whip, not a snake.

Giant Patriotic Cupcake

MOPS giveaway cake. Given away on Election Day 2008. Dark Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting and Buttercream Fondant and I don't remember a filling. I made the candle from fondant as well.

Giant Pink and Purple Polka Dot Cupcake

My daughter's first birthday cake! A chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling and buttercream frosting and buttercream fondant. This is an attempt at copying her birthday invitation.

Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails Cake

A baby boy shower cake. This is a black forest cake, which I have never done before. It's devil's food cake, with layers of cherries, and layers of chocolate cream and a whipped frosting. I heard this was a very yummy cake, but you'd have to pay me to eat it. I don't like cherries. Also earned me a nice speeding ticket trying to deliver this cake, so it cost me quite a bit. Ha ha!

American Flag Cookies

Election Day 2008 cookies for my girls at my MOPS table. I didn't have a cookie cutter so I cut these out by hand with a knife.

John Deere Tractor Cake

My first cake order and it turned out really good. This was also my first attempt at fondant. Done for a boy's 3rd birthday party. It's a vanilla cake with bavarian cream filling and a whipped frosting. The tractor is done in buttercream fondant. One of my favorite cakes I've done!

Mommy Olympics Cake, or as I call it, "The Cake That Won!"

MOPS giveaway cake. Our theme that day was the MOMMY olympics so here's the cake. The cake drove me insane and therefore I call it "the cake that won." It's a chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate frosting.

Pumpkin Cake

Can't believe I am putting this one on here. I don't like it one bit but thought I'd share with you how far I have come. This is a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. A MOPS giveaway cake.

Carnival Cake

My very first MOPS giveaway cake. This is the cake that started it all! Our theme this year is adventures in mothering so I tried to imitate the logo of this year's theme. A white chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting and raspberry cream filling.

Two Kid's Birthday Cakes in One Day

Two of my son's birthday cakes. Their birthday's are two days a part and I refuse to make one cake for both. LOL!

Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Cake

This cake was done for my son's 6th birthday. He eats, breathes, and sleeps Scooby-Doo. A vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Did this cake same day as the barn cake for my other son.


This EIEIO cake, or barn cake, was for my son's 3rd birthday. He loved barns and farms and that Old McDonald song so this is what he wanted. I had to red dye at the time, so the cake ended brown. I did my other son's birthday cake the same day too. This is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Monkey & Bananas Cookies

I made these for our neighbor kid for his birthday. No cookie cutters here. Cute these out by hand with a knife.

Cupcake Girl Baby Shower Cake

This is one of my first cakes. For a baby shower at our MOPS table for one of "my girls". A dark chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. I love the pink and brown colors and of course, the cupcake!

Three Cakes in One Day

I had to take a picture of the three cakes I did in one day! There it is . . . the start of things to come :-) Seriously, I have no idea how I pulled this one off with four little kids running around.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake for a birthday. This is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and filling. I freehanded the turtle too!

Thomas the Train Cake 3D

Thomas the Train cake for my son's 5th birthday party. I saw how to do this on the internet otherwise I don't think he would have turned out this good. A vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and covered in marshmallow fondant. I'm amazed how nice this one turned out!

St. Patrick's Day Cake

MOPS giveaway cake for St. Patrick's Day. I don't remember the cake flavor of this one but it is vanilla buttercream frosting. I think it might have been chocolate cake. I did this right after I did the 3 cake weekend so my hubby didn't want me to spend any time on it at all and I didn't. Took maybe an hour and you can tell. My circles are squishy! But I really like the concept I was going for.

2nd Green & Blue Polka Dot Cake

This cake was requested off of facebook by one I already did very similar to this one. Also for a first birthday boy. Big cake is a dark chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling and vanilla buttercream fondant and buttercream fondant accents. The smash cake for the boy to enjoy is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant accents.