Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mini Two Tier Cakes

These mini two tier cakes were for the girls at my table in MOPS. Please don't judge my work on these. I did these all in an hour during a very busy week and was trying to match the color scheme at our Christmas brunch table. But ran out of red food gel and opted for the red sprinkles, something I never use on my cakes. The crowns I piped out of white chocolate and dusted with silver luster dust. Cake is dark chocolate cake with fluffy buttercream frosting. The cake missing the crown is gluten free.

Three Cakes in One Day

Three cakes in one day. I believe this is the third time I've done this. I seriously do not know how those people on the cake shows do 50 in a week! This is hard work that disappears faster than I can bake a cake ;-)

Baby Baptism Cake

A cake in celebration of a baby's baptism. It's a chocolate/vanilla marble cake with vanilla cream filling and regular buttercream frosting. No fondant on this cake per request.

Pink & Blue Two Tier Cake

This was a cake in honor of a mother with five young boys. Bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and fluffy buttercream frosting. Top tier is vanilla cake with strawberry filling and fluffy buttercream frosting. Marshmallow fondant accents. Very pretty & girly cake.

Tae Kwan Do Birthday Cake

For the 13th birthday girl who loves Tae Kwan Do. It's a devil's food cake with chocolate mousse filling and cream cheese frosting, and marshmallow fondant accents.

Mr. Bean Birthday Cake

A vanilla cake with strawberry filling and a whipped frosting. For the birthday girl who loves Mr. Bean. I am very pleased with this cake. Simple, clean & cute!

American Girl Box Cake

This is an American Girl Box cake with fluffy buttercream frosting and filling in a chocolate/vanilla marble cake. Accents are marshmallow fondant.