Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Cake #2

A Buzz Lightyear cake. I actually love this cake, and what's nice about it, it is took me very little time to make it and my fondant covering is the best I have ever done! There's not a tear, crack, fold, air bubble, or blemish anywhere. This is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and melt in your mouth chocolate frosting covered in marshmallow fondant and accents. Buzz was printed onto edible rice paper as I had a a really busy week this week and did not have the time to make a Buzz figure like I had planned to. I'm hoping it looks like he's jumping out of the cake ;-) The decoration is supposed to mirror that of Andy's room in Toy Story.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sock Monkey 2nd Birthday Cake

Mmmm, do I ever love this cake! Not only because it's so unique & darling but because it is super tasty. This is a banana cake with banana cream filling in two layers and a fluffernutter frosting in the middle layer of each cake. Frosted with fluffy buttercream frosting, using marshmallow fondant accents. Isn't that little boy a cutie pie!?!?!?! Cake is set to match the invitation. I heart the red & brown colors with the pale yellow!

Dora Birthday Cake

A Dora Birthday cake for a little girl! This is a dark chocolate cake with fluffy buttercream frosting and filling. This cake is so cute!!!! Some day I will get my figures accurate ;-)

Antique Cookbook Cake

For my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. This is a banana cake with banana cream filling and fluffernutter frosting (marshmallow & peanut butter). First time using rice paper for the cookbook images. Yummy flavors! Pretty cake!

30th Birthday Busch Stadium Cake

30th Birthday Cake. This is a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and a whipped frosting. Marsmallow fondant accents. Rice krispie treats used for the pillars. Very pleased with this cake ;-)

Girly 40th Birthday Cake

40th Birthday cake for a MOPS friend. It's a white chocolate cake with strawberry filling and melt in your mouth chocolate frosting. Marshmallow fondant accents. This is my first time making ribbon roses. I think they turned out nice! And I love the pink & brown colors!!!