Friday, May 21, 2010

Bring on the Chocolate!!!!

Two chocolatey inspired cake for our final MOPS Brunch that was chocolate themed. One is a Triple Chocolate Raspberry cake with dark chocolate cake, ganache filling & raspberry filling, covered with melt in your mouth chocolate frosting, drizzled with chocolate. The other is a White Chocolate Mousse cake with white chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse and white chocolate frosting, drizzled with white chocolate. Any one salivating right now?

Two Cakes in One Day

Another day involving two cakes. Child birthday fun!

Curious George Cake

Curious George birthday cake for a boy's 4th birthday! Bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with fluffy buttercream frosting & filling. Top tier is vanilla cake with fluffy buttercream frosting and filling. Accents are made out of marshmallow fondant. All edible, except for the wires for the balloons ;-)

Elmo's World Cake

La, la, la, la. La, la, la la. Elmo's World! Yay, a cake I could be messy on. This is a birthday cake for the two year old boy. It's a vanilla cake on the bottom with raspberry filling and fluffy buttercream frosting. Fish bowl if vanilla cake with fluffy buttercream frosting & filling covered in marshmallow fondant. Elmos is made of fondant as well.