Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Tier Wedding Cake with White & Black Flowers

A 3 tier wedding cake. I love the idea and design of the cake which was given to me by the bride. This is a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and fluffy buttercream frosting. Giant leaves and flowers are made out of marshmallow fondant.

Macbook Pro Cake

This is a Macbook Pro cake complete post it note and pencil all on a desk. This is a devil's food cake with chocolate ganache filling and melt in your mouth chocolate frosting, covered in marshmallow fondant. I was very pleased that I was able to figure out a way to have it open and have it be rather sturdy. The screen is printed on edible rice paper to get it a more real look. Hope the 16th Birthday boy loved it, I know his mom did ;-)

Pirate Garb Cake & Redo Cake

A Pirate Garb Themed Cake. This cake was a stressful one for me. But in the end it turned out fine. The first cake I made, which is the four bottom pictures did not make it to it's destination in one piece, therefore, I salvaged what I could from the first cake and made a whole other one, just a little bit different. I moved the eye patch, telescope, sword and pirate flag to the second cake but did not cake a picture of the finished product. First cake was a marble cake with chocolate mousse filling and melt in your mouth chocolate frosting, marshmallow fondant accents. 2nd and Final Cake is a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling and fluffy buttercream frosting, minimal marshmallow fondant accents. I hear the birthday boy loved his cake and that it was delicious. I guess that's all that matters in the end ;-)

Guitar Birthday Cake

A Guitar Cake for the 18th Birthday Boy! I initially wanted to do a full size guitar cake but this needed to fit it in the fridge, therefore it's rather small. This is a white chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and cream cheese frosting. Covered in marshmallow fondant. Guitar is cake as well.

Camping Birthday Cake

A camping cake for three siblings celebrating their birthdays together. Each child is resembled in their own little tent complete with campfire. This is a vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling and regular buttercream frosting.